Water Filter Bahrain provides every kind of water filter cartridges in all over Bahrain. Cartridges are part of the basic maintenance of any kind of plant or machinery. Using a high quality of cartridges ensures the long life and proper maintenance of device. It is a type of the device removes contamination of water for the purpose of accessible to drinking water. Filter cartridges work as a pre filtration in most of the cases. While the physical filter removes solid materials from the water, but the water filter cartridge can be used to eradicate particles, sediment, metal, microorganisms or chemicals inserted into a filter housing properly. It works best where there is not much solid materials or high presence of iron & manganese less than about 300 micrograms per liter. Some specialized cartridges are fabricated with carbon effective for clearance of low concentrations of organic compounds which is caused colours & odor in the water. Some major types of water filter cartridges are Sediment filters, PP Spun, PP Yarn, Granular Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, reverse osmosis membranes etc. Sediment filters are rated with microns (one millionth of a meter) that indicates which size of particles it can remove & the size it is unable to remove. Carbonated filters are best for taste, colour & odour safety, while the osmosis purifiers work in a membrane base systems.