Water Dispenser Pot can convert regular bottled water coolers to work directly with purifiers. Using this Dispenser Pot, we will be able to use the regular water dispenser with the RO plant. Instead of filling and loading the bottle on top of the cooler, it’s better to install the dispenser pot. The 1/4 pipe will come from the water purifier and connects directly to the dispenser pot. Once the pot fills ompletely. It has built-in Ball valve which will result in stopping the further water supply from RO. For example, if you are taking 1 glass of water from your dispenser.

Using the ball valve technology the pot will be refilled, using pure drinking water from the purifier, and stops filling once it reaches the top level. In Bahrain, most families are using a water purifier. But the first choice many people they get is with the bottled water, so a-lot of people they already have the regular bottled water cooler. Using this cutting edge technology, you don’t really need to buy the complete new cooler specially designed for water purifier. You can convert your regular bottled water cooler to work smoothly with a purifier.

This simple and cheap dispenser pot can save you a lot of dinars and saves you from throwing or selling your old bottled dispenser. This pot is designed with FDA-approved food-grade plastic. Health hygiene is considered and even it has been manufacture-red under strong supervision to control the quality of material. Our company is offering free on-site service to install this device. If you have water purifier and you’re still filling bottle manually and loading on your cooler. Give us a call at 34675094 to get his super gadget immediately. Prices for this are different if you are buying from our store and if our team is installing it for you.

Dispenser pot installed in Bahrain