We stock the best Granular activated carbon in Bahrain. Carbon is being used for water purification since the 20th century and the activation process was implemented on charcoal by that time. Usually, clean carbon surfaces are oil-loving and have a greater attraction towards non-polar contaminants and organic compounds. The basic mechanism of granular activated carbon is adsorption and helps to reduce color, odor, and undesirable taste. Modern granular activated carbon products are made by using petroleum products, lignite, wood, coal, and coconut shell. 

Granular Activated Carbon Bahrain

Carbon sources have unique pore structures including mesopores, micropores, and macropores. The capacity of granular activated carbon for the removal of organic compounds is greatly attributed to its higher surface area. Even one gram of granular activated carbon can have more than 1000 m2 surface area. The utilization of the whole surface area for accessibility of adsorption sites is the key feature of water purification. Granular activated carbon provided filters are significantly important to remove certain organic and inorganic chemicals from water. These filters are also important for the removal of chemicals causing certain odors and tastes to water such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. 

Many people are concerned that granular activated carbon may pose some kind of health risks, but it is safe to use and does not cause any implications. However, improper management leading to inhalation may cause oxygen depletion in the enclosed spaces. Sometimes there is a requirement of replacing the granular activated carbon media and users can replace it with the help of water filter bahrain company professionals. However, if the media is supposed to be used for the purification of potable water it is non-hazardous and there are no requirements of its replacements and dumping it to the industrial landfills. 

Available in Bahrain Warehouse

Mesh SizeType of Carbon
8 ~ 16 Mesh Activated Carbon Coal IV 800
12 ~ 18 MeshActivated Carbon Coal IV 800