Granular Chlorine Bahrain

Granular Chlorine or Tablets are being widely used throughout the globe to kill bacteria and viruses in drinking water. Moreover, these tablets are also used for disinfecting the water to wash and clean the fruits and vegetables or swimming pools. Chlorination is a widely accepted water disinfection and purification method as it is an economical and portable method. Furthermore, these tablets can be easily transported to the far located village areas and therefore offers the easiest and effective water purification and disinfection.

Chlorine is quickly dissolvable in water and offers the best purification results in 30 minutes only. It kills microbes by destroying the bacterial cell wall after chlorine exposure. Chlorine activity works well on a wide range of spectrum against hydrophilic protozoans, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Some people are concerned that is chlorination process safe or not and the answer is that is safe for human beings as the level of chlorine in drinking water is not high enough to cause potential damage to human health. However, the smell may be a major factor to avoid the chlorination process.

There is the conversion of chlorine to chloramines and there is no production of any harmful residues. Chlorine tablets offer a wide range of benefits than another treatment process as it is easy to use, portable, effective against various pathogens, is a biocidal agent, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to store, handle, and transport. These tablets are available in a variety of forms and users can select any form as per their requirements and personal preferences. Availability in a different range of sizes and forms makes chlorine tablets an ideal choice for camping, military, traveling, disaster and emergency management, and health care services. Although, these tablets are safe to use, but may cause some sort of irritation, burning sensation, or dermatitis. These tablets must be placed out of reach of children and should only be used as per the prescribed dosage.

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