Salt Licking Blocks for Animals

As you all know the salts and minerals are the basic need of human body, same way the animals like, horses, camels, goats, sheep, deer or buggies are also required essential mineral nutrients. In Bahrain most of the animals are domesticated. It is mandatory for the farmers to provide the Natural Trace mineral salt to make their Animals healthy.

Benefits of using salt Mineral Licks for Animals in Bahrain

Animals lovers in Bahrain always known that their animals requires salt, just like humans do. It plays a vital role in the balance of electrolytes in animals body. Mineral Salt blocks can give your animal many benefits.

  • In the process of digestion, salt counter-effects the compounds of arsenal that may be found in animal food, plants and grass they were fed with.
  • Our specially designed salt works as a essential nutrients and trace minerals supplement in the diet of animals.
  • the Natural mineral block is used in the husbandry of livestock.
  • The salt block for deer is and excellent way for her management. It helps you to keep tabs on the deer herd.

ISO Certified chemical free

Our salt blocks are one of the best mineral blocks available in Bahrain market. We provide the variety of salts from the copper salt lick to the cobalt mineral lick, they are the best mineral blocks. You can easily order from us the salt for cows, salt block for deer, salt and mineral block for horses, mineral block for budges, camel mineral block or the sheep salt licking mineral blocks. We ensure that the best animal salt block reaches to your animals.

What type of Mineral Salt Available in Bahrain

We are offering salt mineral in three forms:

  • The Salt Mineral in form of Blocks
  • Premix Mineral Supplement & Mineral Mixture in powder form.
  • Vitamin Salt Blocks and licks.

Packing & Size

2KG, 3KG, 5KG & 10KG

Quality of Salt Licks

We are stocking the high quality salt which is affordable, easy to be placed, and most importantly which is chemical free. Salt contain natural electrolytes for balance, which encourages for a healthy diet for animals. With our salt you are assured that your animal herd is healthy. With minerals becoming scarce in the natural environment, you can depend on us. Be positively assured that your animals are adequately nourished and well-looked after with essential nutrients. Order salt licks for your animals today and make your animals healthier and happier.

Question & Answers

How my animal will be benefited?

Our Quality Mineral blocks for animals provides them with wholesome nutrition and enhance their coverall health. During Digestion, they counter-effect secondary compounds of arsenal found in grass and plants they consume.

Why should i use salt blocks in Bahrain?

Horses, Sheeps, Camel, goats and deers, need more salt in their body. In Bahrain there are high chances of not receiving an adequate amount of salt or nutritions. This is why you need to ensure that your animals are healthy.

Salt Mineral licks can harm the Animals?

Absolutely No. It contain essential nutrients that can help your animal’s overal health. Salt typically have vitamins and trace of minerals. You can offer them certain amount of salt licks and mineral blocks to them, depending on their health and food intake.

What salt and minerals you can supply?

We provide best mineral salt in 3 forms. Salt Blocks, Premix mineral supplement & Mineral Mixture in powder form.

How can i buy?

You can contact us through our page or call 34675094.

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