Pre Filter

Pre Filters are used in every 2nd house in USA. We have the best quality cooper Pre Filter available in stock.

Pre Filter for whole house

Stainless steel mesh filter screen with 40 microns precision filtration capability. The first step of the water purification system for the whole house. Effectively filter rust and sediment from the main entry of water in the wholehouse.
High-quality brass body material, durable, and long service life. Antibacterial and anti-corrosion.
Help prevent scale and stop corrosion, greatly extending the life of your plumbing fixtures in Bahrain.
It is recommended that the cleaning of filters every month to prevent scale from building up.
Transparent housing offers easy visual monitoring. Rotate the switch to discharge the dirt. Convenient to use.

Water Filter Bahrain is one stop solution for anything related to water. We undertake turnkey projects & the biggest water filter stockiest in Bahrain.

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