Bahrain Southern Municipal Council has approved the proposal to recycle the water used for the car wash stations in Bahrain. According to new it will be mandatory for all the car wash companies to install the Waste water treatment plant to re-use the water. The car wash companies has always rejected the fact they can reduce their monthly bill by re-using the water and saves the nature. Already in the kingdom we have very limited natural resources to keep the environment safe for us and the next generation. Right now the proposal is under review by Municipalities Affairs and urban planning minister Essam Khallaf and other ministries. After 2 weeks from today, we will learn the exact requirement for the car wash companies to operate in Bahrain.

Pure Aqua Group always encourage environmental friendly solutions to their clients. We have the required expertise to provide the cost effective solution to save water by recycling with the most advanced purification methods. Waste water treatment plants based on Filtration system, Chemical Dosing system or Biological process. Our team has started to do the feasibility study to come up with the best possible solution for Bahrain by taking samples of waste water from car service centers. We are one stop shop, Pure Aqua construction devision can re – construct the and revise the plumbing system of whole car wash station to automate the process of recycling.

If you are the owner of car wash and want to save money and environment feel free to contact me on 33067704 or email info @ pureaquabh.com for the best possible solution.

Mohammed Farooq