Jolly Gel is Great Swimming Pool flocculent  for Private and Public Swimming Pools Jolly Gel is in the market from last 25+ years. Jolly Gel unique formulations Allows minuscule particles of dust to be removed from water.

How Does it Works?

When Jolly Gel is wet it feels like slipperiest but as per studied at the microscopic level, it is Sticky that’s why it feels like slippery . the sticky things catch the dust particles and hold them as long as filter is back-washed after sometime water will be so clean however this Process won’t work immediately!


• Because of the product’s unique formulation, miniscule particles of dust can be removed from the pool water.
• Continues to work for up to 3 weeks
• Removes algae spores
• Reduces chlorine consumption
• Prepares water to camera ready standards
• Creates no clouding or residual dust
• Places a clear membrane screen across the media to a depth of some 15cm (6”)
• Encapsulates the fine particles and holds them to the bed by means of a mild, glutinous formulation that is flushed away during backwash cycle.

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