Stainless Steel Water Cooler in Bahrain

Using a water cooler for drinking water is one of the most common chores. But it still may raise a question on the cooling capacity of the water cooler. As we’re all aware that Bahrain’s environment is desert hot. In this regard, the Bahrain Stainless steel water cooler is the best choice. Bahrain stainless steel water cooler is a high-quality water cooler with high cooling efficiency. We use Tecumseh USA Brand of the compressor, which is an industry leader in the compressor, which performs well in indoor & outdoor. One of the benefits of using stainless steel in water coolers is its durability. We are using R-134a refrigerant gas which is environmentally friendly and has less impact on ozone layers, Water cooler manufactured from stainless steel has fewer chances of getting damaged and punctured in comparison to other water coolers in the stressful environment of Bahrain.

These water coolers are available with 2 Tap with 28 gallons of cooling capacity, 3 Tap with 46 gallons of cooling capacity, 4 Tap with 87 Gallons cooling capacity & 5 Tap for 130 gallons cooling capacity. Our expert sales staff can also help you to choose the best model as per your consumption. Each model has different storage and cooling capacity. Additionally, the Bahrain stainless steel coolers are polished, lustered, and covered with anti-rust material to keep your water cooler rust-free and usable for long. This high-quality water cooler is manufactured to the high standards of ISO & HVACC and fetches standard features like versatility and energy efficiency.

Pure Cool Water coolers are made in UAE, Moreover, its stainless-steel material does not allow it to retain the flavors hence, providing you cold water free of funky tastes. Thus, Stainless steel water coolers are the best and have the highest cooling efficiency systems available in Bahrain. These coolers can be used in Labor accommodations, restaurants, Gardens, Public Places, construction sites, or as a water sabeel. In Bahrain, you can use either sweet water tanker water or get one of our RO Plant to purify Municipality water into pure drinkable water. Feel free to get in touch with our sales representative to help you choose the best suitable water of stainless steel cooler.

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