Sand & Gravel Media for water filtration in Bahrain

Sand and gravel media offer excellent water filtration properties and can even be optimized as per requirements and specifications. Good quality sand extracted from clean and non-polluted alluvial and colluvial deposits offers perfect physical, chemical, and biological properties for efficient filtration for Bahrain Water. Gravels offer good filtration because of their capabilities to hold impurities and contaminants. Whereas size of sand, its hardness, and angularity are major properties that affect its water filtration capacity. We are a team of highly…

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Granular Activated Carbon Supplier in Bahrain

We stock the best Granular activated carbon in Bahrain. Carbon is being used for water purification since the 20th century and the activation process was implemented on charcoal by that time. Usually, clean carbon surfaces are oil-loving and have a greater attraction towards non-polar contaminants and organic compounds. The basic mechanism of granular activated carbon is adsorption and helps to reduce color, odor, and undesirable taste. Modern granular activated carbon products are made by using petroleum products, lignite, wood, coal,…

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